The vehicle that more than any other replaces the classic fixed body semi-trailer, with many more features and a very interesting tare.

It combines the qualities of a flatbed with those of a bilateral tipper.

Suitable for many types of transport, it falls into the category of multipurpose vehicles. Its name Libero (Free) expresses the concept of the vehicle it represents.

Double-sided tipper semi-trailer 13.66 with single or double body structure and paneling of the steel floor, sides with aluminum alloy profiles with independent opening available in various heights from 800 mm to 1200 mm, uprights with two or four removable or reversible steel levers in painted steel, stainless steel or patterned stainless steel.

Libero offers a wide range of configuration possibilities: from the single body with lifting/lowering curtainside and double-way sliding roof with arches and poles or Zamuner roofing system, up to the double body with lowering top and double-way sliding roof.

It concentrates the qualities of a bilateral tipper and a flatbed in the case of a single body, it provides maximum advantages in the bilateral version with double body. In this latter configuration, of course, the bodies have an independent tilting control and you can choose the size of the same from the various configurations offered.

The list of accessories is very rich: from the side extensions, to the shaped load guide, the various tongue boxes and wood-carrying baskets, up to the series of uprights, winches and load-stop U-bolts.



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