TCR – Tilting Container Transport

TCR – Tilting container transport


Tilting frame for container transport, the TCR is a steel frame with double T beams, 2′ fifth wheel pin and Jost double speed retractable sliding carriages, twist arms with galvanized twists.

The front steel casing that can be lifted by a hydraulic piston and the rear tilting pole allow the container to be tilted with extreme ease in complete safety. With a well designed structure, to provide the right balance between resistance, stability, durability and weight.

Available in the following configurations:

– 20’ tilting
– 30’ tilting
– 30’ tilting + 20′ fixed balanced
– 30′ tilting + 20′ fixed balanced + 20′ fixed flush

It comes with an elegant and functional standard equipment with bumper and toolbox in patterned stainless steel, winch wheel holder, pair of wedge holders and thermoplastic wraparound mudguards.

Various accessories available, such as ADR equipment, fire extinguisher holder, ship rings, gangway with inspection ladder anchored to the frame and accessories for special exhausts, for example. thermoplastic tube holder with closure and stainless steel tubes.

Its best qualities are the high driveability and particular lightness/resistance ratio that high quality steels give to the vehicle.



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